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Most of the materials on this top 13 list people will never get a chance to see themselves because these are expensive and rare!

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7. Rhino Horn
Many Chinese remedies call for Rhino horn as an ingredient and many people claim it’s a miracle drug. It’s thought to have powers that can cure cancer, is an aphrodisiac and cures hangovers. Despite the fact it’s made of the same material as fingernails, it’s highly sought after and people are willing to fork up a huge price in order to get their hands on it. The price of rhino can vary immensely depending on who it’s sold to and where, a nd is more expensive per pound than any illegal drug.. Some claim they are able to sell it for more than 60 thousand dollars per pound! With prices this high, poachers can make an easy buck and quick. Unfortunately, the high price has financed their operations and we can only hope there will be an end to this black market.

6. Plutonium
If you’re trying to get ahold of some plutonium, it might be quite difficult. Plutonium is present in nature it needs to be chemically altered for it to be useful, or destructive, to humans. This nuclear substance can sell for about $4000 per gram. It’s also one of the most dangerous substances due to its radioactivity. It can be used for nuclear weapons, and reactors to create energy. Freshly prepared plutonium shares a similar color to silver but turns out to be a more oxidized green color once exposed to air. Since the substance is so expensive and rare, when nuclear weapons are decommissioned, the plutonium is occasionally extracted and used in power plants.

5. Soliris
Soliris is a prescription drug that treats a rare, otherwise fatal disease and there’s no other drug out there that can cure it. Named aHUS, this illness severely affects kidneys and other vital organs. Per gram, this drug is worth 13 thousand dollars. One years treatment can leave a patient extremely broke, paying possibly 600,000 in one year. It was declared by Forbes to be the most expensive. It connects to proteins in our blood that attack people who have genetic conditions that affect the immunity and protection of red blood cells. Why is it so expensive though? Well it is extremely effective and if you suffer from the disease, you’ll die without it.

4. Diamonds
Also known as a girl’s best friend, this rare substance pairs great with gold already mentioned in our list. They’ve been prized for their symmetry and ability to last forever. They are the most expensive gemstone and are formed underneath the Earth’s crust due to extreme pressure and heat. All this allows carbon molecules to turn into this lovely gemstone that’s driven humans insane since they were discovered. Some scientists have even developed diamond factories that recreate the same intense pressure found in the earth’s crust. Since diamonds are so well-sought after, it has created much violence in some countries in Africa.

3. Mystery Slime
We’ve looked through some substances that might have seemed completely useless until someone found a good purpose for it. Although this rare red mystery slime doesn’t have a purpose just yet, they’ll certainly find some use for it. This red mucus is only found in the fjords of northern Norway and many scientists are left scratching their heads. Some believe they are possibly dead jellyfish turned into some type of organic jelly. But no one knows for sure what it is. The Norwegians however, will most likely not be spreading this on their toast. What could this recently discovered substance be. Could something like this become extremely valuable in the future?

2. Tritium
Tritium is a naturally occurring substance on earth but extremely rare and hard to come by. Only tiny particles are possible to get, making you extremely lucky if you do. It forms when deuterium or nitrogen atoms are struck by cosmic rays. This creates the spectacular glowing appearance we see in exit, neon signs and anything that can glow especially in watches, allowing you to see the hand when it’s dark. Tritium can glow brightly for at least 12 years long!

How could something with a name like antimatter actually exist? Well, it’s basically the opposite of normal matter, if that makes sense. In antimatter, the electrons are negatively charged, and the protons are negatively charged. They believe antimatter was released during the big bang. It’s by far the most expensive substance to create, which causes about 100 billion dollars to make one milligram of antimatter. Despite the cost, this doesn’t stop organisations like Nasa from trying to produce antimatter. So what’s it look like? Good question. It’s best to look at it from an atomic level until enough is produced to observe exactly like you see in this photo. Some believe this substance will have powers to reach other galaxies.

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