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Nowadays, we can easily watch any video clips, movie, and music video on YouTube. This online video streaming service provides millions of interesting video you can find from all over the world.

Sometimes, we want to download YouTube video to our computer or gadget, so we can watch it later without using the internet. That way we can save more data from our internet service.

Unfortunately, YouTube policy doesn’t allow us to do that. Unless, you use the YouTube Red paid service, which means you have to spend money to download the video.

But, you don’t need to worry. We have the easiest and free method to download YouTube video to MP4 or any other file format that you want. You can get it at

How to Use Service?
It’s simple. You just need to visit this website. On its homepage, you can find the search bar, Now, you can do two things, You can either type the keyword of the YouTube video or copy the URL of the YouTube video that you want to download onto the search bar. Once you do that, hit the “Submit” button.

If you type the keyword, you will get a list of the YouTube video that related to that keyword. You just need to choose the video that you want to download from the list. After you choose it, you will go to the download page. If you copy the URL video, you won’t need to choose the video from the list. You will go directly to the download page of this YouTube Downloader.

On the download page, you will find a list of download option and format of the video you want to download. You also can choose the resolution of the video you want to download. The higher resolution you can choose is 720p.

However, if you plan to download the audio file only, you also can use this downloader. On the bottom part of the video format and resolution list, you can find the option that you need. Choose the Download MP3 option, if you want to get the YouTube mp3 file. Or, if you want other audio files, just see on the top of this MP3 option, where you can download the audio file in m4a format. Now, you just need to wait until it’s finished. And, you can play the video or audio file without having an internet connection.

The Benefits of Using
You can use this YouTube video Downloader for free. You don’t even need to sign up or creating membership and such. Just open the website, type the keyword or URL on the search bar, and download the YouTube video that you want.

Moreover, the download speed is also quite fast. If you combine it with your download manager, you will get even faster download speed. Therefore, whenever you find a YouTube video that you like and you want to keep it on your gadget, visit This website will help you to convert video from YouTube to mp3, MP4 or other formats. It’s easy, fast, and free.

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